Are You Looking For a New Career in 2009?

According to an approximation, at any given point of time, around 35 percent of employees yearn to give up their existing careers and pursue something completely different from what they are doing. The wide ranging reasons for this include dissatisfaction with compensation, low job satisfaction, lack of motivation or morale. However, this is not the only reason for seeking a new career. Today, following the deepening recession in the US and other developed nations of the west, finding new careers to tide over job-cuts has become one of the most pressing needs of the employment world. In February alone, 651,000 jobs were laid off in the US, in what is widely believed to be one of the worst monthly losses since 1949 and unemployment rate has soared to 8.1 percent, according to the US Labor Department.

The First Step

Many of those who would give anything to have a change of job often end up just reading, talking or dreaming about it, and are less inclined to take the step forward, or are simply too scared to take the risk lest they should end up regretting if things didn’t actually turn out well in their new careers. The flip side is that there are also those lucky ones who find that they have never had it as good as they have after a career change. These people go on to reap the rewards and benefit from their new careers.    

With job losses becoming ‘imminent and widespread’ in nearly all sectors, except perhaps in the health care industry and government, finding alternative careers is proving to be one of the most difficult propositions, given the slowing economy in the US as well as European countries. Once you have decided on a career change, the next step would be to weigh your options. Answers to question like – what would you look for in your new career and would you like to do something different or move into a career that utilizes your previous skills and experience, would help you to identify the industry which can possibly fulfill your requirements.

Where Do You Fit In

The next step – and a pretty important one – is a reality check. Once you have decided to go for change of career and also zeroed in on where you would like to fit in, you would have to make an analysis of whether or not the industry you have chosen would be in a position to meet your requirements. Find out if there is an opening in this industry or if they have a need for you? If you are joining an industry where there is more supply than demand or if the current skill shortage is likely to be filled in a few years, joining such an industry doesn’t actually make sense unless you possess that ‘something special’ or an edge over the other employees in terms of skill or experience. Also find out if the new industry would offer you an opportunity to make more money and achieve your long-term goals.