Learn to Speak Spanish CD – Obtain the Best Results

Nowadays, everything can be seen and heard over a CD. Numerous lessons and courses can be downloaded from the internet and save it in a CD. In this sense, CD programs are the best bet if you want to learn the Spanish language. There are wide variety of learn to speak Spanish CD available that offer different manners of learning. If you are planning to buy a Spanish CD make sure that you will not waste your money just like what other people do. Here are some tips that you can follow in order to achieve the best result.

1. Learn the vocabulary. The vocabulary is the basic course that you should study. Before you go further, it is important that you know the basic words. It is useful when you start with the grammar structure.

2. Speak, repeat. Repetition should be applied when you are learning a foreign language. This is the fastest and the most effective way to learn the language. Uttering the word loudly and repeatedly will enhance the pronunciation. Likewise, you should store the word you hear from learn to speak Spanish CD.

3. Learn the grammar structure. It is important that you correctly deliver the word you want to say and this can be made possible if you know the grammatical structure. You should keep in mind that it is not enough to simply know and utter the words. The important thing is to pronounce it well according to the correct grammar structure.

4. Replay the learning course. When you use a Spanish CD as your learning tool, you will have the chance to replay the course as many times as you wish until you completely familiarize the pronunciation and accent of the Spanish language. This is also helpful in case you have something that you miss in the course the first time that you hear it. There is nothing wrong to play it over and over again as it is necessary so that you will not forget what you have learned previously.

After you complete your learning course, the next step that you should do is to practice it. Find someone whom you can converse with and practices all that you have learned with from learn to speak Spanish CD. You can also learn the clever nuances of the Spanish language as well as learn when to use slang words. On the other hand, you should continue to speak the language frequently so that you can enhance your skills in speaking more.

I Am Learning Martial Arts As Slow As Possible!

This observation, that I am learning Martial Arts slowly, actually goes back to 1967-1968. I was in a type of Ed Parker Kenpo school at the time. What martial system I was studying doesn’t matter, however for I found ‘slow learning’ was being done in every martial art being taught.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t learning and having a ball. Heck, Martial Arts made life worth living, and the rite of passage is not equaled in other method in life. But, as I have said, I was learning pretty darned slowly.

The process of learning slowly was described to me as being on a plateau. I would earn a belt, be given new material, and then study that new material for half a year, and be bored with that new material after the first month. The instructors knew what I was going through, and justified it by giving it the label plateau, and telling me it was part of the learning method.

Somebody shows me a move, I practice it a dozen times, and then I can do it. I don’t have to think about it, and don’t really understand why I am supposed to practice something I know. And pretty much everybody is like this.

Intuition is how a human being learns, and human beings are the fastest learners around. Yet, in a karate school or any other martial arts school, they are asked to memorize random sequences of moves, and then draw connections that don’t, for the most part, exist. No wonder learning is becomes tedious; no wonder people drop out.

Think of it this way: you are asked to memorize an algebra sequence, a trigonometry formula, learn negative addition, and then you call yourself a mathematician. Doesn’t look too smart, does it? Yet that is the way the martial arts are given to people.

Well, of course, they originate in nations which did not have logic, let alone broad public education, let alone an interest in the latest and greatest modern method for learning. Doesn’t mean their arts aren’t great, they can be phenomenal, but they are slow. The method used to teach is just slow, you see.

There are alternatives to this random memorization of tricks…if one is to be willing to admit that the old methods are antiquated, and that they can learn fast, and that it is okay to learn at a faster rate. We are our greatest natural resource, and it is time to undo the restraints, throw away the wheel chairs…and get the lead out. After all, you don’t want to keep learning the martial arts at a snail’s pace, do you?